ViewSonic PS502X Short Throw DLP Projector - White

ViewSonic PS502X Short Throw DLP Projector - White

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Product Description

Light up classrooms and conference rooms alike with the ViewSonic® PS502X WXGA short throw projector.

Featuring 4,000 ANSI lumens of stunning brightness, this powerful business and education projector creates crystal clear images up to 300". And with a 0.616 short throw ratio, this projector is capable of displaying shadow-free 100" images from just 4.3 feet away.

The PS502X projector also comes with multiple connectivity options for greater convenience. Dual HDMI ports empower users to connect multiple devices directly to the projector. Once connected, users can conveniently switch between different input sources at the press of a button. A USB-A port provides power to wireless HDMI dongles for a more convenient streaming experience. Rather than taking your projector to the service center, software updates can be performed easily over a simple USB cable.

With the PS502X projector, you can let your presentations shine with stunning clarity.

  • Bright Images in Any Environment - Packed with 4,000 lumens and a high contrast ratio, this projector is guaranteed to produce bright images in nearly any environment - even in rooms with high ambient light.
  • Short Throw Lens - A 0.616 short throw lens enables large images to be projected from short distances. In addition, any blinding lights in front of the projector, distracting shadows on the projected image, or glaring hotspots on the screen, are all eliminated because the projector's light source is closer to the projection surface.
  • Experience Images up to 300 - Enjoy breathtaking images on an ultra-large screen capable of reaching up to 300". This state-of-the-art projector has a lower cost-per-inch compared to commercial displays.
  • Versatile Connectivity - Dual HDMI ports and a USB-A port give you the freedom to connect your display to a variety of devices and external media players.
  • Software Updates via USB - Software and firmware updates for this projector can be easily accessed online. Simply connect the projector to a computer via USB, and run the software update program available below, in the Support & Downloads section of the product page.
  • SuperColor Technology - SuperColor™ Technology projects images with reliable color performance, in both bright and dark environments, without sacrificing image quality.

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