Vertiv Liebert APS 5kVA/4.5kW Power Module 208VAC | Replacement/Expansion

Vertiv Liebert APS 5kVA/4.5kW Power Module 208VAC | Replacement/Expansion

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Product Description

Each Vertiv Liebert APS Power Module for 208VAC single phase UPS (APS5KPWRMOD2) is an independent 5 kVA/4.5kW unit, which includes a power factor-corrected rectifier, battery charger, and inverter with associated monitoring and control circuitry. These modules are connected in parallel for greater capacity and/or redundancy.
They are designed for AS3 and AS4 Series Vertiv Liebert APS UPS. They may be added or replaced online with no interruption or danger to the connected equipment or user.
These modules are user replaceable and hot-swappable. Their simplified setup allows easy installation. Their fault tolerant feature means you can add and remove a module without disruptions in power. Each Power Module contains its own controls for increased reliability.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Save time with simplified device setup for your Liebert APS UPS.
  • With built-in, module-level controls, the UPS will not power down in the event of a module failure.
  • It is hot-swappable so you can add or replace modules quickly without powering down connected equipment.
  • With 5kVA/4.5kW FlexPower assemblies, you can quickly scale runtime and power capacity with your IT demand.
  • User replaceable modular power for Liebert APS UPS help reduce maintenance costs.

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