Tripp Lite Tall Riser Panels Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System 600mm Racks

Tripp Lite Tall Riser Panels Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System 600mm Racks

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Product Description

Aisle Containment System keeps hot and cool air separated for better temperature control and equipment performance in hot aisle/cold aisle configurations.

Riser Panels Designed for Standard-Width 600 mm Server Rack.
These SmartRack® riser panels attach to the underside of the Tripp Lite aisle containment system's upper support beams. This is to fill the gap between the telescopic beams (SRCTMTTLBM, sold separately) and your rack cabinets. All necessary installation hardware is included. The 6U SRCTMTR600TL measures 600 millimeters (24 inches) wide and 265 millimeters (10.4 inches) high to fit 42U standard-width rack enclosures.
Tripp Lite's Aisle Containment System Manages Airflow for More Cooling EfficiencyUpon installation in your data center or server room, the modular, easy-to-assemble Aisle Containment System contains the air in a hot aisle or cold aisle, essentially creating a room within the aisle, while still keeping the aisle accessible. No costly contractor or HVAC specialist is required to install the system, which can be expanded or adapted to meet your needs. Assorted frame kits, beam kits, sliding double-door kits, roof panel kits and adapter riser panel kits (all sold separately) are necessary to assemble a hot or cold Aisle Containment System that accommodates the dimensions of your aisle and the rack enclosures within it.

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