Tripp Lite Portable Charger for Apple Watch with Lightning Magnetic USB-A

Tripp Lite Portable Charger for Apple Watch with Lightning Magnetic USB-A

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Product Description

5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Charges Your Apple Watch without an AC Power Outlet
No more frantic searching for an outlet when your mobile device's battery power is getting low. Small and lightweight, this high-capacity power bank dishes out 5200mAh of battery capacity for charging up to three mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, handheld gaming devices and an Apple Watch. Lithium-ion lasts longer than lead-acid batteries and saves you money in the end. The UPB-05K2-APL is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Magnetic Module Keeps Your Apple Watch Charged and Ready to Use
Place your Apple Watch on the magnetic module for safe, efficient wireless charging while you're at the office, resting after a hike or relaxing at the hotel after sightseeing.

Built-In Lightning Cable and USB Port Keeps Other Essential Devices Charged Too
The Lightning cable provides 5V 2.4A (12W) of charging power for your iPhone, iPad or other charging device. It folds neatly into the bottom of the power bank to protect it from damage and cut down on cable clutter when not in use. A USB-A port also provides 12W of total power for Android, Windows and other mobile devices (cable sold separately).

Protects Your Expensive Devices During Charging
Comprehensive safety features ensure worry-free charging of mobile devices. The UPB-05K2-APL protects your devices against short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and over-discharge. Total output current cannot exceed 5V 2.4A (12W). Otherwise, the over-current protection will activate and charging will be halted.

Easy to Recharge for the Next Time You Leave Home
A lithium-ion battery with 5200mAh of capacity provides charging at maximum power draw for hours, making your devices ready when you need them. Status LEDs let you know how much battery capacity is left. When it's time to charge the internal battery, connect a Lightning cable (sold separately) to connect the power bank's Lightning port to a computer or wall charger.

Compact Housing Packs in a Pocket for On-the-Go Charging
An ideal power solution when you're on the road or stuck somewhere without convenient electricity, the portable all-in-one battery charger weighs less than one pound. It fits comfortably in your purse, pocket or backpack to keep your Apple Watch, smartphone, tablet or other handheld device operating when you need it. And it's good looking too!

  • Ideal for road trips, hikes, blackouts and other applications without AC power
  • Magnetic charging module provides quick power boost for your Apple Watch
  • Built-in Lightning cable delivers 5V 2.4A (12W) for charging Apple devices
  • USB-A port offers 12W maximum charging power for tablets and smartphones
  • 5200mAh of lithium-ion battery capacity is plenty for hours of maximum power draw
  • 1-year limited warranty

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