TP-Link TL-SG1210MPE - 10-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch with 8-Port PoE+ - Limited Lifetime Warranty

TP-Link TL-SG1210MPE - 10-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch with 8-Port PoE+ - Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Product Description

What This Product Does

TP-Link TL-SG1210MPE is an easy smart switch with 9� gigabit RJ45 ports and 1� gigabit combo SFP/RJ45 port that requires no configuration. With 8� PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, it can automatically detect and supply power with all IEEE 802.3af/at compliant Powered Devices (PDs). In this situation, the electrical power is transmitted along with data in one single cable allowing you to expand your network to where there are no power lines or outlets, where you wish to fix devices such as APs, IP Cameras or IP Phones, etc.

Professional 10-Port Switch with 8-Port PoE+ (123 W Budget) for Numerous Applications

Compliance with the 802.3af/at PoE+ standard supports up to 30 W on each PoE port. The total 123 W PoE power budget for the 8� PoE+ ports opens up a wide range of applications, such as surveillance for offices, dormitories, and small businesses. It is fully compatible with IP cameras, access points, IP phones, computers, printers, and more.

System Self-Healing with PoE Auto Recovery

The switch automatically detects and reboots the PD devices, such as cameras and APs, when they fall offline or go unresponsive, guaranteeing the stable operation of PoE-connected devices, without the need for manual monitoring and restart.

Intelligent Power Management

When total power consumption exceeds 123 W, the intelligent power management will cut the lower priority port power. This ensures the high-priority port's power supply and protects the device from power overload. It also automatically detects and provides the required power for your PoE devices while protecting your PoE and non-PoE equipment from being damaged.

Durable Metal Casing

The interior components of TL-SG1210MPE are protected by high-quality metal casing to ensure a long product life. Its fanless design delivers zero added noise in its locations. Having passed an array of stringent reliability tests, TL-SG1210MPE delivers switching performance you can depend on.

  • Flexible Full Gigabit 10-Port PoE Configuration: 8x PoE+ (802.3at/af) 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 ports providing up to 30W per port and total PoE power budget of 123W, together w/ 2x Gigabit Non-PoE Ports and 1 Combo SFP Slot for high-speed connections.
  • Easy Smart Management: Simple setup and monitor your network with easy-to-use web-based management interface and smart configuration utility.
  • Network Segmentation: Abundant VLAN features improve network security via traffic segmentation.
  • PoE Auto Recovery: The switch automatically detects and reboots the dropped or unresponsive PoE-powered devices without the need for manual monitoring or resetting (Configuration Required).
  • Plug and Play: Easy setup with no software installation or configuration needed.

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