Fiber Optic Duplex Patch Network Cable Fiber Optic Duplex Patch Network Cable

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Product Description

OM5 LC to LC Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch cable facilitates connectivity across 40G and 100G networks. It supports SWDM (Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing) across an extended wavelength range of 850-953nm VCSEL, enhancing signal quality and performance capacity over OM4.

Engineered for Optimal Performance

Precision-manufactured ceramic ferrules ensure correct fiber alignment to prevent connectivity issues and minimize insertion loss. Designed for reliability in high-density network applications, the LC to LC UPC polished fiber ends greatly improves return loss characteristics over older PC polishing techniques. The Laser-Optimized Multi-Mode Fiber (LOMMF) OM5 fiber patch cable is ideal for 850-953 nm Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and 1300 nm LED sources.


This multimode 50/125µm fiber optic patch cord is backward compatible with OM4 and OM3 10G networks, ensuring a reliable connection in legacy fiber environments.

LSZH Cable Jacket

Housed in a LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) flame-retardant jacket, the OM5 fiber cable emits low smoke and toxic fumes when exposed to extreme heat or in the event of a fire. This enables safer cable installations in areas with poor ventilation including some industrial settings, self-contained environments such as trains and aircraft, as well as residential settings where compliance with building codes must be considered.

Each OM5 fiber cable is also individually tested for insertion loss performance that meets or exceeds the TIA/EIA-568 industry standard, for guaranteed compatibility and 100% reliability.

  • OM5 FIBER CABLE: OM5 LOMMF Cable is optimized for advanced 40/100Gbps fiber networks; Extended 850-953nm wavelength support enables SWDM (short wavelength division multiplexing) for greater channel isolation, enhancing performance capacity beyond OM4 cables
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: LC/LC-UPC ends for improved return loss over PC polish; Zipcord design, color-coded connectors for polarity; Bend Insensitive fiber core housed in Aramid-reinforced jacket for a loaded bend radius of 6cm and 3cm when unloaded
  • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Individually tested for guaranteed performance; Test report included; LSZH jacket emits low toxic fumes if combusted; Safe for enclosed/poorly ventilated spaces; Attenuation value under 2.4dB/km meets or exceeds industry standards
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: OM5 multimode cable supports 10/40/100G networks; Backward compatible with OM4/OM3; High micro-bending resistance facilitates tight bends in intricate installations, ideal for fiber switches/servers, SANs, and SFP+/QSFP+/QSFP28 modules
  • SPECS: 2m (6.6ft); OM5; LC/LC (UPC); 50/125µm; 850-953nm VCSEL/1300nm LED; Modal Bandwidth: (850nm), (953nm); Insertion Loss: ?0.3dB; Return Loss: ?30dB; Cable OD: 2.9mm; Bend Radius: 6cm/2.4in (loaded), 3cm/1.2in (unloaded)

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