8 in (20cm) Mini HDMI to DVI Cable, DVI-D to HDMI Cable (1920x1200p), HDMI Mini Male to DVI-D Female Display Cable Adapter 8 in (20cm) Mini HDMI to DVI Cable, DVI-D to HDMI Cable (1920x1200p), HDMI Mini Male to DVI-D Female Display Cable Adapter

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Product Description

Need to connect your Mini HDMI® equipped laptop or tablet to a DVI-D digital display? This 8in Mini HDMI to DVI adapter provides the perfect solution.

High-resolution 1920x1200 video support

Connect your Mini HDMI capable laptop or tablet to a DVI digital monitor, TV or projector, and share your presentations, pictures and videos. Simply plug in any one of our male-to-male DVI-D cables, such as our 3ft DVI-D single-link cable (DVIMM3) into the adapter and connect the adapter to your device.

Perfect for use in a boardroom, your home office or when travelling for work, you can be ready to connect wherever you are.

Need a way to incorporate audio into your presentation? You can use our 1m 3.5mm audio cable (MU3MMS).

8-inch cable reduces port damage

Reduce stress and prevent damage on the device port. The 8-inch cable design reduces the strain on the port as well as the connectors, plus it doesn't block other open ports, leaving them open for connecting other devices.

Compact and lightweight design

The adapter fits nicely inside your laptop bag, purse, backpack or other carrying case, making it the perfect mobile accessory to keep in your carry-on baggage. Arrive prepared when presenting to a potential client, teaching offsite, or travelling to a customer location.

The HDCDVIMF8IN Mini HDMI to DVI adapter is backed by's lifetime warranty.

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  • SPECS: 8 in (20 cm)
  • Black
  • HDMI Male (HDMI Type-C/Mini) to DVI-Digital (24-pin) Female
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • 32 AWG
  • 0.2" (5mm) OD
  • PVC Jacket
  • EMI Shield: Al-Mylar foil with Drain
  • APPLICATIONS: This adapter connects Mini HDMI (Type-C) devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and cameras (DSLR/Video) to your DVI-Digital monitor/DVI display/projector; use existing DVI-D M/M cable; works with Samsung/Dell/HP/Acer/LG monitors
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: 32AWG wire with gold-plated connectors, and superior EMI shielding with Al-Mylar foil and copper braid (85% coverage) improve signal integrity and reliability, providing higher quality video and audio
  • DURABLE: Full HD high speed fully molded adapter with durable PVC jacket for high strength and reliability; Flexible PVC strain relief prevents fraying or damage due to repetitive bending or rough usage; Ideal for Commercial environments
  • MINI HDMI TO DVI CABLE ADAPTER: 8 in (20 cm) Mini HDMI male to DVI-Digital (24-pin) female adapter supports Full HD 1920x1200p, 60Hz/1080p, Single link, 3.9 Gbps bandwidth, 24 Bpp (RGB) color depth

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