50 ft HDMI to DVI-D Cable - M-M - 50 ft HDMI to DVI-D Cable - M-M

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Product Description
Connect an HDMI®-enabled output device to a DVI-D display, or a DVI-D output device to an HDMI-capable display. The HDMIDVIMM50 50-foot HDMI® to DVI-D cable enables you to connect a DVI-D video card (or other DVI-D output device) to a display that incorporates HDMI technology; the cable supports bi-directional operation that also allows the reverse configuration, delivering digital video from an HDMI-enabled output to a DVI-D capable display.
A valuable addition to any digital signage, multimedia or home theater application, this high performance cable is designed to provide the best quality picture available through either HDMI technology or DVI digital connections.
This durably constructed HDMI-DVI-D cable is backed by's Lifetime Warranty.
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Eliminates the need for multiple cables and clutter
  • Ensures compatibility between two distinct digital video interfaces

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