Rocstor SolidRack R3104 Server Rack Cabinet - 19 in. Deep Enclosure - 24U

Rocstor SolidRack R3104 Server Rack Cabinet - 19 in. Deep Enclosure - 24U

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Product Description

Rocstor's Premium 24U Rack Enclosure is designed to provide a secure and organized storage solution for your networking, A/V, and telecommunication equipment. With its sturdy construction and high static load capacity of 3300 lbs. (1500Kgs), the cabinet provides ample storage space for heavy equipment and helps to maintain a clean and organized appearance in limited space rooms, such as network closets, back offices, or wire distribution closets.

Quick Equipment Setup and Mobility

This high-quality rack is shipped fully assembled for quick and hassle-free installation. The adjustable mounting depths of the rails, with a maximum depth of 35.6 inches, provide sufficient space for cabling and power management, enabling you to keep your equipment organized and accessible. Furthermore, the pre-drilled coverable holes in the ceiling and base of the cabinet make it easy to run cables in and out of the cabinet in an organized and neat manner.

The rack features a 3-meter roll of hook-and-loop cable tie straps that can wrap and unwrap the cables and cords together for adjustments. It also gives you a storage surface of 1 Unit to store accessories like power strips, surge protectors, and other small items that need to be kept within reach but do not need to be mounted in the rack. Moreover, the grounding lugs of the rack allow you to ground the mounted equipment, providing an added layer of protection against power surges in power-dense areas like data centers. Rocstor also provides high-quality casters with the rack enclosure to move it across the office, allowing you to connect the mounted equipment with other devices conveniently. With a width of 600mm and depth of 1070mm, the rack can easily pass through standard 7 ft. (2.13 m) doorways.

The 24U rack is made up of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel (CRS) with black-textured powder coating for increased strength and durability in harsh environments. It is compatible with standard EIA-310-E 19-inch rack-mount equipment, including servers from major manufacturers such as HP®, Dell™, and Lenovo®. This rack is an excellent choice for those who need to move their equipment around regularly or need a flexible solution for their network setup.

Improved Security and Airflow

The premium 24U rack enclosure features side panels and mesh doors to enhance the security and protection of your equipment. The lockable front and back doors prevent unauthorized access to your valuable equipment, while the side panel provides easy access for maintenance and configuration. The mesh doors allow for excellent airflow to keep your equipment cool and prevent overheating. The mesh design also helps to prevent dust particles from entering the cabinet and affecting buttons and ports, which can impact the performance of your equipment.

This 24U floor-standing rack cabinet is backed by Rocstor's 5-year warranty and lifetime phone support.

  • Supports numerous networking and IT equipment including patch panel, servers, and switches
  • Ideal for limited-space environments like network closet, server closet, or wiring closet.
  • Organizes the equipment and cables more securely and fittingly
  • Supports maximum adjustable mounting depths of 35.6in
  • Accommodates EIA/ECA-310 standard 19-inch rack equipment
  • Safely hold stationary weight capacity of up to 3300 lbs. (1500Kg)
  • Supports grounding lugs for increased safety against power surges
  • Numbered rack units (U) and square mounting holes
  • Provides additional 1U vented space
  • Ships fully assembled for quick equipment setup

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