Rocstor 4-Post Open Frame Rack Cabinet

Rocstor 4-Post Open Frame Rack Cabinet

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Product Description

Rocstor's Premium 42U 4-Post Open Frame rack is a versatile solution for your A/V, networking, and IT equipment, including LAN switch, PDU, and Lenovo®, Dell™, and HP® servers. Its open frame design with no side panels and doors allows you to easily access the mounted equipment to perform reconfiguration and maintenance tasks. Additionally, the unobstructed airflow also helps to prevent equipment from overheating, ensuring that it operates at optimal temperatures. It is perfect for applications where equipment security is not an issue.

Improved Cooling and Safety

Rocstor's 4-post cabinet is designed to support hot aisle and cold aisle layouts, which is a popular method for optimizing airflow and cooling in data centers and server rooms. By mounting servers in alternating rows within the cabinet, this layout allows for managed airflow that helps to maintain optimal temperatures for the equipment. The cabinet's high static load capacity of 3300 lbs. (1500Kgs) allows it to support a large amount of heavy equipment, freeing up valuable floor space and providing a neat and organized appearance to the workspace.

Organized and Protected Solution

The premium cabinet is designed with four sturdy vertical beams with numbered square mounting holes, allowing for easy mounting of standard 19-inch EIA-310 equipment. The adjustable depth of the vertical rails provides ample space behind the mounted equipment for organized cabling, which can improve cable management and prevent clutter. The rack also features baying tabs used for combining multiple rack enclosures in rows for accommodating heavy-density data center applications. Moreover, you can also ground the mounted equipment using the rack's grounding lugs for increased safety and protection against power surges in power-dense environments such as data centers.

The rack also supports the toolless 0U mounting of four power distribution units (PDUs) and cable managers on two of its vertical beams for easy and efficient management of power and cable distribution.

Provides Mobility and Stability

The rack comes with preinstalled casters, making it easy to move the rack across the office and connect it to different devices conveniently. With a width of 600mm and depth of 1070mm, it can easily pass through standard 7 ft. (2.13 m) doorways. Additionally, the rack features removable leveling feet, which can be adjusted to accommodate uneven floor levels and provide a tighter grip, reducing the risk of sliding or falling.

Tough and Durable

The 4-post cabinet is constructed with heavy-duty cold-rolled steel (CRS) and features a black powder-coating finish that provides excellent protection against corrosion and makes it tough and durable in harsh environments. The rack is shipped fully assembled, which makes the installation process quick and hassle-free. Rocstor provides all the necessary hardware for mounting your equipment, including M6 cage nuts and M6 screws, so you can set it up and get it running as soon as it arrives.

This 42U wall mount rack is backed by Rocstor's 5-year warranty and lifetime phone support.

  • Supports numerous networking and IT equipment, including patch panels, servers, and switches
  • Ideal for limited-space environments like network closets, server closets, or wiring closets.
  • Organizes the equipment and cables more securely and fittingly
  • Accommodates EIA/ECA-310 standard 19-inch rack equipment
  • Adjustable mounting rails with a minimum 0.25-inch increment value
  • Safely holds a stationary weight capacity of up to 3300 lbs. (1500Kgs)
  • Numbered rack units (U) and square mounting holes
  • Open-frame design for easy equipment accessibility and unobstructed airflow
  • Supports hot aisle/cold aisle layout for improved cooling
  • Features baying tabs for combining multiple rack enclosures in rows with 600mm center-to-center width.

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