Rocstor 1U Server Rack Cable-Management Panel

Rocstor 1U Server Rack Cable-Management Panel

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Product Description

Rocstor's Premium 1U Horizontal 19" Cable Management Organizer is a perfect solution to organize and manage your cables in a standard 19-inch 2 or 4-post server rack. Its horizontal design enables it to mount directly onto the rack to minimize cable clutter and provide a tidy look to your server room or data center. It has a depth of 3.85-inch and is compliant to EIA/ECA-310-E standards.

Features D-rings and Pass-through holes

This 1U cable organizer features a set of D-rings and pass-through holes providing various options for routing and organizing cables. D-rings allow easy and secure routing of cables in vertical or horizontal direction to keep the rack organized and facilitate easy equipment maintenance with quick accessibility. The pass-through holes enable the installer to conveniently run cables in and out of the rack.

Durable Construction

The cable management panel is made of high-quality steel and plastic, making it strong and durable. It is resistant to damage from impacts or drops, and can withstand regular handling without bending or warping.

Prevents Equipment Damage

This versatile organizer helps to minimize tension placed on equipment ports by carefully routing the cables, thus preventing damage to valuable rack-mounted equipment. Moreover, it also enhances air flow within the rack to prevent devices from over-heating.

Easy Installation

The organizer is designed to be installed easily, with no additional tools or hardware required. It can be mounted directly onto the rack using the included cage nuts and screws.With 1U size, this cable management organizer takes up very little space in the rack, making it an ideal choice for high-density server installations.

The premium 1U Horizontal 19" Cable Management Organizer is backed by Rocstor's 5-year warranty and lifetime phone support.


  • 1U Horizontal 19" Cable Management Organizer
  • Durability and longevity
  • Compliant to EIA/ECA-310-E
  • Black
  • 5-year warranty

  • Ideal cable management solution for network closets, server rooms, and data centers.
  • Organizes the cables more securely and fittingly
  • Easily installed into a standard 19-inch 2 or 4-post rack server
  • Features a set of D-rings and pass-through holes to route cable securely and neatly
  • Keeps the device temperature under control by allowing airflow within the rack
  • Built with high-quality steel and plastic for increased strength, durability, and longevity
  • Reduces cable strain placed on equipment ports
  • Fits conveniently into the rack, taking up very less space

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