Plugable HDMI To VGA Adapter, 6 Foot (1.8 Meter)

Plugable HDMI To VGA Adapter, 6 Foot (1.8 Meter)

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Product Description
The Plugable Active HDMI to VGA cable provides a much needed link to the past. Do you find yourself with older monitors and projectors that only have a VGA input, but your fancy new computer is missing a VGA output? This cable can solve the problem without needing a large adapter or converter. Provides a simple solution for connecting your older monitors to newer computers. Compatibility

Please note the Plugable active HDMI to VGA adapter cable is not a bi-directional adapter, you can only connect an HDMI output to a VGA input. VGA does not support audio transmission; only the HDMI video signal will be converted. The maximum supported resolution of the cable is 1920 x 1080 (60Hz). Does not support playback of HDCP-protected content such as Blu-ray discs.

The Plugable HDMI to VGA adapter requires a powered HDMI port, as well as a display device that outputs valid EDID configuration data. Cable utilizes the CH7101A chipset. Some devices do not provide enough power over the HDMI port to support this HDMI to VGA cable.

Not recommended for use with the Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Roku1/2/3, Blu-ray players, or Playstation 3/4.

Please see additional compatibility information at

Apple Compatibility

Different Mac models vary substantially in the amount of power supplied to the HDMI port. The MacBook Pro 13"" (mid-2014) and Mac Mini (mid-2011) have been tested and confirmed working. Use with other Mac models is not recommended. In the BoxHDMI to VGA cable

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