Plugable 6 AC Outlet Surge Protector with Clamp Mount for Workbench or Desk

Plugable 6 AC Outlet Surge Protector with Clamp Mount for Workbench or Desk

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Product Description

Power it All!

This power surge protector can help expand and declutter your power needs by offering 6 additional standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets. Its compact design, unique desk clamp, and lengthy cable make it very easy to create the perfect all in one power setup for the home, office, garage, or workbench. Two outlets are widely spaced to fit large "wall wart" power adapter bricks.

Desk Clamp

The unique desk clamp attaches the power strip right to the side of your desk, counter, or workbench providing easy access to AC power.

Surge Suppression

This power strip also provides surge suppression for up to 6 devices. No longer do you need to worry about voltage spikes or electrical storms damaging your valuable electronics.

  • 6 surge protected power outlets
  • 2100 Joules of protection
  • 2-in-1 power / circuit breaker switch
  • Built-in EMI/RFI filter
  • UL/cUL Rated
Longer Power Cable

With the permanently attached 6 foot cable, this surge suppressor can be located nearly anywhere you need power. From the desktop, under the desk, or across the room, you can provide protected power to those hard-to-reach areas.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Unique and easy to use built-in clamping system for attaching the unit to desks, tables, and work benches
  • Built-in 2-port 10.5W (2.1A shared) USB charger
  • 6 standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets with surge suppression rated to 2100 Joules
  • 2 of the 6 available outlets accommodate larger "wall wart" style power adapter bricks
  • 6 foot power cable

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