Plugable 4 Port USB Hub 3.0, USB Splitter for Laptop

Plugable 4 Port USB Hub 3.0, USB Splitter for Laptop

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Product Description

The Plugable USB3-HUB4A might look pretty simple, and that's because it is. Simply plug it in and sprout 4x USB 3.0 data ports. For MacBook Air. For Dell XPS. For just about anything with a USB port.

Each port can transfer data up to 5Gbps. At that speed it would only take about 21 seconds to transfer the entirety of the 1984 science fiction hit, The Last Star Fighter. So, yeah, it's pretty fast. That means you can transfer files from a flash drive on USB port 1, connect a keyboard to port 2, a mouse in 3, and download clips from your camera on 4.

Sure, these hubs are quite handy to have on your desk, but they're just as happy to hit the road. Lightweight and compact, the hubs are encased in black plastic with a matte finish to resist scuffs and scratches. The plastic carapace also helps to avoid damaging the other gadgets in your bag. It is worth mentioning, however, that the hub is only designed for data. This USB port expander will not charge.

Plug it in and go. No driver downloads required. This data hub transfers data at up to 5Gbps. Small and durable with an integrated 15cm flexible cord, this hub is handy to have on your desk, but it's just as happy to hit the road.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux systems with a USB port. Designed for data, this device doesn't charge.

  • USB 3.0 host interface for reliable data transfer and enhanced performance
  • With 4 USB ports, connect/disconnect devices while not having to shut down the system
  • PC platform support for your convenience and usability

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