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Logitech Rugged Folio Keyboard-Cover Case (Folio) Apple, Logitech iPad (7th Generation) Tablet - Graphite

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Rugged Folio for iPad (7th generation) is a slim keyboard case with drop protection that exceeds military standard tests. It uses Smart Connector technology so no pairing or charging is required. High performance spill and dirt-resistant sealed keys make this the perfect tool for on-the-go work. Enjoy a full-size keyboard with convenient iOS® shortcut keys, front and back protection for your iPad, and a convenient spot to stow Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil (1st gen).

  • FOUR USE MODES: Rugged Folio is flexible enough for any environment or task. Type Mode: Dock the keyboard upright and pull out the kickstand to type out notes or emails, Viewing Mode: Fold back the keyboard and pull out the kickstand to watch movies and TV shows, Sketch Mode: Fully extend the kickstand back for the perfect angle to take notes or draw with Logitech Crayon, Read Mode: Tuck the kickstand in and fold the keyboard back to read books, articles, and more.
  • ANY ANGLE KICKSTAND: Flexible kickstand offers 40° of tilt so you can always find the right angle for the task at hand. Sturdy mechanical hinges ensures the kickstand stays firmly in place and does not collapse, even with strong tapping.
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION: Our proprietary shock-absorbent technology and materials help Rugged Folio exceed military standard drop tests for new levels of protection. So whether you fumble it on your morning commute or accidentally knock it off your desk, your iPad is protected from drops and other mishaps.
  • Rugged Folio
  • Spills on its keyboard face
  • SPILL-PROOF AND DIRT RESISTANT KEYS: A durable, high performance membrane seals in the keyboard, protecting it from spilled drinks, working-lunch crumbs, and other daily mishaps. If an accident does occur, the keyboard can be safely wiped clean.
  • POWER AND PAIR IN ONE CLICK: The keyboard connects with iPad instantly - no complex Bluetooth® pairing required. It also sources power directly from iPad so you never have to charge.
  • SILENT TYPING: Typing can get loud - and that can get distracting when you're working in public or an open office. So we designed the keys to type silently. Your coworkers will thank us.
  • FULL ROW OF iOS SHORTCUT KEYS: Forget hunting around the screen or in menus to perform simple actions - Rugged Folio features a full row of shortcut keys. 1) Home: go to home screen 2) Screen brightness: adjusts brightness up or down 3) Virtual Keyboard: shows/hides the virtual keyboard 4) Search: brings up iOS search field 5) Siri: activate digital assistant 6) Screenshot: take photo of current screen 7) Media controls: Back, Play/Pause, Forward
  • THE PERFECT COMBO: Designed to work with both Logitech Crayon and Apple Pencil (1st gen) so you can hand-write notes, sketch drawings, or mark up documents directly on iPad. Plus, there's a built-in holder to store your Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil (1st gen) so it's always there when you need it.
  • SECURE MAGNETIC LATCH: A magnetic latch keeps the case securely closed when not in use to protect your iPad screen.

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