IOGEAR 4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM with Audio and CAC Protection Profile v4.0

IOGEAR 4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM with Audio and CAC Protection Profile v4.0

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Product Description

4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM with Audio and CAC Protection Profile v4.0

Secure and manage multiple data-sensitive systems from one workstation from internal and external cybersecurity threats with the TAA-compliant IOGEAR 4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM with Audio and CAC Protection Profile v4.0. Enable authorized users secure access to up to four systems with one keyboard, mouse, up to two 4K @60Hz monitors and dedicated common access card (CAC) reader port.

Featuring the latest in Common Criteria and NIAP Protection Profile v4.0 security requirements set for the U.S. government for peripheral sharing switches, the secure KVM switches are built for multiple interfaces and ideal for use in high-security environments that demand rigorous cybersecurity provisions including military and defense, federal agencies, government, utilities, commercial and healthcare applications.

NIAP Certified, Common Criteria Compliance & TAA Compliant

IOGEAR secure KVM switches comply with NIAP PP v4.0 security certification meeting the latest cybersecurity requirements from the U.S. government. The secure KVM also meets with the Common Criterial Compliance as part of the international Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement. The unit also meets with all TAA-compliant guidelines.

Superior Video Quality

The secure KVM switch supports a dual view display and exceptional 4K Ultra-HD resolutions up to 3840x2160 @60Hz. With the addition of the universal KVM cables, the secure KVM switch can support any monitor port even if the monitor uses a different display standard while enabling a universal display standard.

Active Tamper-Proof System

IOGEAR secure KVM switch hardware security is comprised of tamper-evident seals, active chassis intrusion detection, and tamper-proof hardware. Compliance with NIAP Protection Profile v4.0 certifies that non-approved USB peripherals will be rejected and cannot be connected to the secure KVM switch, providing high-level security, protection and data safekeeping.

With the combination of physical and software security, secure KVM switches offer secure air-gap network isolation to prevent internal and external access to individual system with authorization while consolidating multiple workstations with varying security classification levels.

Dedicated Common Access Card Reader Port

A fully advanced and configurable CAC reader port supports smart cards or biometric readers in compliance with NIAP-certified access accessories.

Compatible with IOGEAR Remote Port Selector

Securely select and switch between systems with optional external remote port selector that provides full operator control for an optimized user experience.

Data Channel Isolation and Unidirectional Data Flow

IOGEAR Secure KVM switches control and isolate data flow between the console device and the connected computers preventing any data transfer between the connected computers. Data channel isolation prevents data leakage between connected computers via isolated channel per port and unidirectional data flow ensures unidirectional data flow between the console devices and the selected computer. The secure KVM switch supports analog audio via speakers only.

  • Keyboard restrictions - OSD & hotkey methods are not allowed
  • Port Selection via Push-Button and Remote Port Selector** for Enhanced Security
  • UHD Resolution: 3840 x 2160 @60Hz
  • Superior 4K UHD Video Resolution
  • 4-Port Dual View HDMI Secure KVM Switch
  • One USB console controls 4 secure computers on 2 displays
  • CAC & Biometrics Support
  • Dedicated peripheral port for authorized CAC readers only and supported Biometrics readers1
  • Validated to Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Device v4.0
  • NIAP-Certified PP4.0

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