BTI Battery

BTI Battery

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Product Description
Compatible OEM 922977-855 FM08 FM08086 HSTNN-LB7B
Compatible Model 17-an1xx 17-an001TX 17-an002TX 17-an003la 17-an003TX 17-an004TX 17-an005TX 17-an007TX 17-AN008CA 17-an008TX 17-an009TX 17-an010TX 17-an011TX 17-AN012DX 17-an012TX 17-AN013DX 17-an013TX 17-an014na 17-an014TX 17-an015TX 17-an016TX 17-an017TX 17-an018TX 17-an019TX 17-AN020CA 17-an020TX 17-an021TX 17-an022TX 17-an023TX 17-an024TX 17-an025TX 17-an029TX 17-AN030CA 17-an030TX 17-an031TX 17-an052TX 17-AN053NR 17-an053TX 17-an054TX 17-an055TX 17-an056TX 17-an057TX 17-an058TX 17-an059TX 17-an060TX 17-an061TX 17-an062TX 17-an063TX 17-an064TX 17-an065TX 17-an066TX 17-an067TX 17-an068TX 17-an069TX 17-an071TX 17-an072TX 17-an073TX 17-an075TX 17-an076TX 17-an077TX 17-an078TX 17-an079TX 17-an080TX 17-an081TX 17-an082TX 17-an083TX 17-an084TX 17-an085TX 17-an100TX 17-an101TX 17-an103TX 17-an104TX 17-an106TX 17-an107TX 17-an108TX 17-an109TX 17-AN110CA 17-an110TX 17-an111TX 17-an112TX 17-an113TX 17-an114TX 17-an115TX 17-an116TX 17-an117TX 17-an118TX 17-an119TX 17-AN120CA 17-AN120NR 17-an120TX 17-an121TX 17-an122TX 17-an123TX 17-AN124CL 17-an124TX 17-an125TX 17-an126TX 17-an127TX 17-an128TX 17-an129TX 17-AN130CA 17-an130TX 17-an131TX 17-an132TX 17-an133TX 17-an134TX 17-an135TX 17-an136TX 17-an138TX 17-an139TX 17-an140TX 17-an142TX 17-an143TX 17-an145TX 17-an146TX 17-an147TX 17-an148TX 17-an151TX 17-AN179WM 17-AN188NR 17-AN190NR 17-AN198MS 17-an1xxx 17T-AN000 17T-AN100
  • Takes lesser time to charge, compared to others
  • Proprietary Battery Size battery size for better reliance and dependable usability
  • 86 Wh battery energy for prolonged, feasible usage
  • 8 cells for maximum feasibility and added productivity
  • Delivers 14.4 V DC to your compatible notebook, ensuring that your device is ready to use when needed
  • Save your precious time by recharging the battery instead of running to the store each time you run out of batteries
  • 5973 mAh battery capacity for dependable, faster charging to ensure maximum convenience and usability
  • With 5973 mAh capacity, the battery delivers a long lasting charge to your notebook

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