BTI Battery

BTI Battery

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Product Description

Compatible OEM YB06XL YB06084XL 926372-855 928372-856 926427-271

Compatible Model X360 15-CH X360 15-ch000TX X360 15-ch001TX X360 15-ch002TX X360 15-ch003TX X360 15-ch004na X360 15-ch004TX X360 15-ch005TX X360 15-ch006TX X360 15-ch007TX X360 15-CH008CA X360 15-ch008TX X360 15-ch009TX X360 15-CH010CA X360 15-ch010TX X360 15-CH011DX X360 15-CH011NR X360 15-ch011TX X360 15-CH012NR X360 15-ch012TX X360 15-ch013TX X360 15-ch014TX X360 15-CH015NR X360 15-ch015TX X360 15-CH017NR X360 15-CH075NR X360 15-ch0xx X360 15T-CH000

  • Smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries, proving ideal for portable devices
  • Proprietary Battery Size battery size for better reliance and dependable usability
  • 84 Wh battery energy for reliable usability and added productivity
  • 6 cells for maximum feasibility and added productivity
  • 11.6 V DC battery - Ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply to your notebook
  • Can be used multiple times, hence saving your money
  • 7280 mAh battery capacity for convenient and prolonged usage to ensure maximum productivity
  • 7280 mAh capacity ensures secure power flow to your notebook

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