Black Box ServSwitch Wizard Dual-Link DVI with USB True Emulation -

Black Box ServSwitch Wizard Dual-Link DVI with USB True Emulation

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Product Description

ServSwitch Wizard Dual-Link DVI with USB True Emulation

Quick Facts

  • A flexible, professional-grade KVM switch for high-performance, multihead KVM switching.
  • Enables a single user to control four computers fitted with dual video heads and share USB peripherals between them.
  • Supports access to two video heads on each channel. Switch DVI video, keyboard, and mouse streams to multiple CPUs.
Further Details
  • Each video head supports dual-link DVI video at up to 450 megapixels per second.
  • Control all functions from a console with two high-resolution DVI screens.
  • Boasts resolutions up to 2560 x 1600-great for demanding university R&D or medical imaging applications.
  • Features two independent USB 2.0 channels for switching between high-speed USB peripherals.
  • Switch attached peripherals collectively to any computer systems, or link them to separate systems-perform multiple tasks in parallel!
  • True emulation technology on switched USB inputs. Attached USB devices can be continuously emulated to each computer.
  • Supports instantaneous hotkey switching plus the extra keys and features of enhanced keyboards and mice.
  • Works with all known software and operating systems (Windows®, Linux®, Sun®, Mac®, NetWare®, UNIX®, and others).
  • Equipped with audio inputs on KVM and computer channels, too.
  • To support additional video heads on the switching platform, cascade multiple switches.
  • RoHS compliant.

This highly flexible KVM switch centralizes and simplifies high-end, multihead video switching access at a single user console with multiple DVI screens.

Plus, with advanced support for multiple high-speed USB devices, the ServSwitch DVI Wizard Dual-Link serves today's busy multitaskers quite well.
  • With this KVM Switchbox, avoid the constant switching of cables between sources
  • Let you connect 4 computers to 1 local users
  • Features 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • Hot-pluggable USB interface for a quick connection
  • The desktop form factor provides convenient installation

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