Belkin ScreenForce UltraGlass 2 Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 15

Belkin ScreenForce UltraGlass 2 Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 15

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Product Description
Our strongest screen protector yet.

Up to 2.7x stronger than standard protection, UltraGlass 2 screen protectors are chemically enhanced through double-ion exchange to be our most durable yet. With the highest rating (9H) on the Pencil Hardness scale?, your screen is protected from scratches and keeps it clean and clear for optimal viewing.

Proven protection with 20-step testing.

With a rigorous testing process, you're ensured unparalleled protection from impact, chemicals, heat conditions, and scratches. They're also drop-tested, tumble-tested, fit-tested, and assured to be just as strong at the edges as the center.

As thin as two pieces of paper.

Although they're just 0.29mm thin, they offer unparalleled protection without losing the touchscreen experience you're used to. UltraGlass 2 screen protectors are designed to look and feel just like your iPhone screen.

Clear as day, every day. 

At near-complete clarity, UltraGlass 2 is fingerprint and smudge-resistant and comes with an antimicrobial coating that prevents discoloration. Your videos and photos stay looking crystal clear, exactly as they're intended to be seen. 

Simple, precise application.

Your full screen is covered with our protectors that are compatible with iPhone and iPhone cases. They also come with an Easy Align tray that helps with fast, easy, and bubble-free application.

  • Provides impeccable security from scratches, rubs and bumps
  • LCD display type support is brighter with added efficiency, thinner, and feature better refresh rates
  • Bubble-free - A combination of non-stick film coating and non-residual adhesives offer a screen without any bubbles
  • Screen Protector with smartphone device support provides improved aesthetics with maximum feasibility

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