ATEN VP2021 4K Wireless Presentation Switch with Quad View

ATEN VP2021 4K Wireless Presentation Switch with Quad View

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Product Description
ATEN PresentON™ VP2021 is a wireless BYOD solution that enables anyone, including visitors, to easily share content from a laptop or mobile device so that participants can actively collaborate for enhanced, efficient workflows.

The VP2021 features Multi-view and audio out, which are designed to increase content-sharing flexibility. Moreover, it is equipped with USB touch back and moderation mode functions, allowing presenters to easily control meetings. The VP2021 also has innovative collaboration tools that allow teams to enhance their productivity. This solution also features remote view for all participants to immerse themselves in the presentation. In addition, its PoE connectivity makes installation easy. It's perfectly suited for both huddle spaces and large meeting spaces and is flexible enough for corporate or education use.

Start Quad-view Sharing in a Snap

Quad view presentations make it feasible for cross-departmental collaboration to rapidly focus on key points and cross-reference information for discussion, helping to improve workflows and efficiency.

BYOD Wireless Sharing without Limitations

Wirelessly share BYOD presentation content with ATEN software on PC, mobile apps, and web browsers; compatible with Airplay and Google Cast for unlimited sharing and collaboration.

Get Control on Your Side with USB Touch Back

USB Touch Back can control remote laptops with a mouse or touchscreen, allowing the speaker to take the lead in meetings and be more efficient without having to move about just to access devices.

Manage Shared Content with Moderation Mode

Moderation Mode allows presenters to easily control and manage the content shared by other participants, including muting, stopping all sharing, and disconnecting a participant.

Flexible & Clear: Audio Your Way

With 3.5 mm audio output to increase the flexibility of use, not only is meeting audio crystal clear, but also it can be integrated with the audio system to enhance the audio-visual experience.

Bringing People Together to Share Ideas

Collaboration tools allow team discussions to illustrate ideas directly on the main screen, annotate, or quickly screen capture for record-keeping to enhance team productivity.

Get More from Getting Involved

Remote View on the ATEN Presentation App lets remote participants view presentations from their own screens, save or copy the main screen, allowing them to be more immersed in the presentation.

Faster, Easier Setup means Less Hassle

With PoE, only one network cable is needed for power and information transmission, eliminating complicated wiring and offering flexibility in space deployment and speedy installation.

  • A BYOD presentation switch with wireless presentation capability
  • Up to 4K content can be output to 1 HDMI-enabled display and 1 VGA-enabled display at the same time
  • Allows native content sharing from users' laptop screens though the ATEN Wireless Presentation Switch App available on Windows, macOS, and Android
  • Compatible with popular operating systems, including AirPlay1, Google Cast1, and Chrome, for wireless content sharing
  • Multi-view presentation - up to four sources can be shared wirelessly in full screen / side-by-side / quad view layout
  • Auto layout projection - presentation layout can be switched automatically whenever a new signal is detected
  • Multiple simultaneous connections - allows for up to 8 attendees to join a meeting wirelessly and up to 20 through Ethernet connection to the local network
  • Moderation Mode - the moderator can manage and control team members' connection status and the AV content being displayed
  • Multiple collaboration tools - annotation, whiteboard on screen, and screen capturing
  • USB touch back - allows for seamless operation of a presentation directly from a connected touchscreen or mouse

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