Atdec Ora Mounting Arm for Monitor, Flat Panel Display, Curved Screen Display - Silver

Atdec Ora Mounting Arm for Monitor, Flat Panel Display, Curved Screen Display - Silver

  • $ 174.00

Product Description

Ora is a sophisticated monitor arm with clamp for modern ergonomic workspaces. Its patented design fuses Atdec's domain experience with innovative material and manufacturing techniques for superior aesthetics and performance in its class.

Ora achieves high and extremely stable capacity despite its sleek minimalist form. Its stability and power come from a unique single-piece monocoque architecture that augments strength, amplified by natural geometric forces created via arm movement. Ora's design is vibration resistant for a crisp and confident user experience.

The arm is interactive with wide latitude at each point of movement. Intelligent fingertip adjustment lets users achieve the best ergonomic setup as they move, sit-to-stand, or share workspaces. Ora can tilt +45° for comfortable touchscreen operation in workspace or point of service environments.

Choose me for:

  • Commercial workspace projects
    • Fast unboxing & assembly
    • Features for fast setup at scale
  • High stability with curved & flat monitors
  • The only monitor arm needed for most workspace projects

  • Makes it quick, convenient, and simple to adjust and reposition connectors in a secure mounting system
  • Sustains a maximum load capacity of 17.64 lb
  • Built with aluminum product material to offer great versatility and allow creativity and innovation in design and construction
  • Vibration Resistant feature for better reliance and usability
  • Workspace application/usage allows adaptability with easy installment

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