Atdec Mounting Arm for Curved Screen Display, Monitor, Flat Panel Display - Silver

Atdec Mounting Arm for Curved Screen Display, Monitor, Flat Panel Display - Silver

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Product Description

AWM-A46H is designed for heavier and larger curved monitors. It combines the functionality ofAWM-A46and heavy duty headAWM-LTH, to deliver a capacity of 31lb (14kg) for flat panel and 26.5lb (12kg) for curved monitors. It includes theAWM-LC channel clamp. 

This product is recommended for commercial workspace projects where the efficiencies of a single box will deliver operational and fiscal benefits. We recommend use of the two products listed above in smaller projects, or to meet shorted delivery expectations. 

AWM-A46H fixes to posts in themodular AWM familyfor desk mounting. This arm is not designed to assemble with a wall channel.

It is expected that arm height will be 'set & forget' at installation, while the articulated arm allows for routine focal length adjustment without removing the mounted monitor. 


  • Capacity per monitor:
  • 0 to 31lb (14kg) flat monitors
  • 0 to 26.5lb (12kg) curved monitors
  • Tilts 55° upward and 35° downward
  • Rotation 180°
  • Includes landscape to portrait
  • Integrated 180° lockable rotation limiter
  • To avoid interferrence with workstation dividers, walls, etc
  • Toolless monitor tilt/pan/height adjustment
  • Generous concealed cable management
  • VESA patterns 75x75 and 100x100
  • Option:AWM-HNnotebook tray accessory
  • Available in silver, black, or white (project quantities)
  • Made of recyclable aluminum
  • 10 year warranty

Choose me for:

  • Commercial workspace projects
  • Heavy or curved monitors
  • Single or dual monitor configuration, or
  • Within custom multi-monitor setupssuch as trading desks

  • 460mm 'set and forget' monitor arm with Heavy Duty VESA Tilt Head with Channel Clamp included to easily mount heavy displays to posts in the AWM modular product family.
  • Heavy Duty VESA Tilt Head (AWM-LTH), 460 Arm (AWM-A46) and Channel Clamp (AWM-LC) are available separately
  • Toolless display position and viewing angle control via tilt/pan/height.
  • Balanced tilt mechanism for larger and heavier monitors.
  • Adjustable landscape/portrait orientation rotation, lockable for safety during installation.
  • Integrated 180° rotation limiter to prevent interference with desk mounted panels and dividers.
  • Cable management with generous capacity guides cables discreetly down the arm to the work surface.

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