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Ambir ImageScan Pro DS687 Card Scanner

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Product Description
Don't let those important contacts get lost in the business card graveyard. Combined with this rugged, compact and professional grade scanner, ImageScan Pro® 687 with AmbirScan Business Card Reader software digitally "reads" and stores your business card contacts, making searching easier than ever. This scanner works hard for you, guaranteed.
  • Import Contacts Directly to Outlook: Included Single PC Business Card Software License provides compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, making importing and exporting contacts easy and hassle-free. Automatic detection of duplicated information when adding new contacts to an existing Microsoft Outlook database saves you valuable time.
  • Data Backup: Never lose business card information again with automatic data backup creation. Scanning cards creates a .CSV file to store and backup data.
  • Work Faster: With AmbirScan's automatic card orientation detection and Quick Scan features, scanning is fast, easy, and accurate so you'll never waste valuable productivity time.
  • Your workflow, upgraded: In just a few seconds per scan, the ImageScan Pro DS687 makes quick work of capturing any business card. STOP typing card information in and using flatbed scanners. Get the right tool for the job.
  • Professional-grade quality: The ImageScan Pro DS687 is designed to handle serious workloads. Inside, you'll find high quality imaging hardware that captures quick, clear images of any card. Outside, you'll find a durable shell that stands up to continuous use.
  • Duplex Scanning: When you need all the information on cards, the Image Scan Pro DS687 is the scanner for the job. This scanner will read the front of business cards as well as capture images of the front and back of any card in one pass, getting you the important images you need in half the time.

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