Adesso NuScan 4400T USB 2D Fixed Mounted Barcode Scanner

Adesso NuScan 4400T USB 2D Fixed Mounted Barcode Scanner

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Product Description

The Adesso Nuscan 4400T is a USB 2D fixed mounted barcode scanner designed to deliver superior scanning performance. Its fixed mount position and automatic scanning feature make it perfect for use in retail, manufacturing, and logistics industries. Equipped with a 2D scanning engine, this scanner can quickly and accurately read all types of barcodes, including QR codes and Data Matrix codes. With a long scanning range, it can capture barcodes from a distance, reducing the need for manual scanning. Whether you need to scan barcodes on products, packages, or shipping labels, the Adesso Nuscan 4400T is a reliable and efficient solution.

Fixed Mount Position

Perfect for Medical equipment, airports, and restaurants that require a fixed position to be able to scan quickly and efficiently.

Superior Scanning Performance

Equipped with its CMOS sensor the device has a motion tolerance of 24 inches per second, offering fast and accurate scanning results.

2D Scanning Engine

The 2D scanning engine offers the decoding capability for 2D barcodes like PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, and MicroQR as well as common 1D barcodes.

Long Scanning Range

The 2D CMOS decoding engine is able to scan barcodes up to 12 inches in scan depth.

  • At a low cost, it gives more control by manual scanning, thus adds to the effectiveness and profitability
  • Features CMOS image sensor
  • Laser-free design provides high-performance scanning without the risk of eye injury

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