AddOn F5 Networks F5-UPG-SFPC-R Compatible TAA Compliant 10-100-1000Base-TX SFP Transceiver (Copper, 100m, RJ-45)

AddOn F5 Networks F5-UPG-SFPC-R Compatible TAA Compliant 10-100-1000Base-TX SFP Transceiver (Copper, 100m, RJ-45)

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Product Information

This F5 Networks F5-UPG-SFPC-R compatible 10/100/1000Base-TX SFP Transceiver operates over Copper, with a maximum reach of 100m connected via a RJ45 connector, built to meet or exceed the OEM's specifications, and comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) standards. All products are 100% functionally tested, and are guaranteed compatible.

Our Transceivers (GBIC, SFP, SFP+, X2, XFP and XENPAK) are 100% compliant with their designed networking application, and are factory programed with OEM specific configuration data required for seamless networking compliance. These transceivers initialize and perform identically to the OEM transceivers and can be mixed and deployed with other OEM or 3rd party transceivers, for outstanding network performance.

We offer a complete line of OEM compatible network transceiver modules. Now you have a cost effective solution to your network upgrade needs. All our products are functionally tested in their intended application; we guarantee our product will work right the first time.

  • Up to 10x faster than standard Ethernet connection and provides high-performance
  • With 1000Base-T technology, get up to 1000Mbps data transfer rate over twisted pair cable
  • AddOn
  • BIG-IIP System - 11000
  • BIG-IIP System - 11050
  • BIG-IIP System - 1600
  • BIG-IIP System - 3600
  • BIG-IIP System - 3900
  • BIG-IIP System - 6900/6900S
  • BIG-IIP System - 8900
  • BIG-IIP System - 8950/8950S
  • Big-IP 1500 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 3400 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 3410 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 4100 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 6400 NEBS Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 6400 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 6800 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 8400 Series Application Switch
  • Big-IP 8800 Series Application Switch
  • Compatibility:MSA Compliant
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Limited Warranty:3 Year
  • Manufacturer Part Number:F5-UPG-SFPC-R-AO
  • Modules
  • Network Hardware
  • VIPRION 2400 - 2100 Blade
  • VIPRION 4480 - 4200 Blade
  • VIPRION 4480 - 4300 Blade

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