SIIG Wireless IR Signal Extender Kit

SIIG Wireless IR Signal Extender Kit

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Product Description

Extends IR signals allows remote control of your device from long distance

  • Wide coverage wireless signals penetrate walls and other obstructions allow you to move around freely and still have IR control of your A/V or other IR enabled equipment from remote locations up to 656ft (200m) away. Note: The wireless operating distance will vary depending on your building layout, surrounding obstructions, and electronic interference and may be less than the maximum distance
  • Compatible with IR remote controls using frequency range between 20KHz - 60KHz
  • High performance IR electronics provide real time signal transmission, virtually without delay, built-in LED indicator illuminates when the IR signal is received for easy status recognition
  • Portable size with included IR Blaster and IR Receiver extension cables allows easy and flexible placement anywhere in a home or office environment
  • Premium quality metal housing enhances heat dissipation and durability for dependable performance and long life

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