Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R

Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R

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Product Description

The Dell Rugged Active Pen is designed for high performance in Rugged environments.

Responsive writing and drawing
Get a pen-on-paper-like experience with this Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R. The pressure-sensitive design lets the tablet respond as though you are pressing down harder or softer to let you make sketches, send notes and click on folders and applications even when wearing gloves.

Replacement nib storage
A tail enclosure hides away up to four replacement nibs so that you can always carry around spares. Each nib slots in and can quickly be replaced so that you can get on with your day.

Survives harsh environments
This Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R can go anywhere your Dell Latitude Rugged tablet can go. The IP55 rating shows it can withstand dust, water, dirt and fog, making it ideal for even the harshest of environments.

Goes with you anywhere
The lightweight design ensures this active pen can go with you almost anywhere. Whether you are an emergency technician getting power back up after a storm, a warehouse worker checking inventory or making repairs on equipment in the middle of nowhere, this pen can handle it.

Simple button operation
Easily copy, select and move objects with a few button presses. This Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R makes completing everyday tasks simple.

Outstanding compatibility
This Dell Rugged Active Pen - PN720R is compatible with Dell Rugged tablets to provide outstanding compatibility. It can go anywhere your tablet can go so that you can get the job done.

  • Now every stroke is more precise, with fewer chances of mistake
  • Fully compatible with tablet

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