2-Port USB-C Cable KVM Switch, 4K 60Hz DisplayPort Output, Compact KVM with 4ft/1.2m Integrated Host Cables, Bus Powered 2-Port USB-C Cable KVM Switch, 4K 60Hz DisplayPort Output, Compact KVM with 4ft/1.2m Integrated Host Cables, Bus Powered

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Product Description

This USB Type-C KVM Switch enables users to switch between two USB-C laptops, sharing a 4K 60Hz DisplayPort monitor, keyboard, mouse, and audio input/output devices.

Hassle-Free Setup

The KVM switch is bus powered and features built-in USB-C and 3.5mm Audio Input/Output cables. This ensures compatibility and performance between the KVM switch, monitor, and peripherals - without the need to select and purchase the cables required for those connections.


The 2-port KVM switch is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. The KVM works with all hardware platforms including Intel, AMD, and Apple M1/M2

Intuitive Control

The KVM switch offers two options to switch between hosts - a remote push-button or hotkey commands, using the downloadable software. The remote push button includes a 1.5m cable for optimal placement in the setup. Independent audio switching can be achieved through the software, utilizing keyboard shortcuts (i.e., hotkeys), ensuring uninterrupted audio when switching between host devices.

Enhance Productivity and Device Management with the Connectivity Tools Application

Developed to improve performance and security, Connectivity Tools is the only software suite on the market that works with a wide range of IT connectivity accessories. The software suite includes:

  • Advanced Windows Layout Utility: Setup and save custom windows layouts.
  • MAC Address Pass-Through Utility: Improve network security.
  • USB Event Monitoring Utility: Track and log connected USB devices.
  • Wi-Fi Auto Switch Utility: Enable users to quickly access faster network speeds via wired LAN.

  • 4K 60HZ USB-C KVM SWITCH: Enables switching between two USB Type-C DP Alt Mode-enabled laptops to share a keyboard, mouse, audio input/output devices, and a single 4K 60Hz DisplayPort monitor
  • READY-TO-USE: Small form factor, integrated cables, and no external power adapter enable rapid deployment; Bus-powered USB-C KVM switch features integrated 4ft/1.2m host cables to allow for extended reach, reducing port and connector strain
  • SWITCHING OPTIONS: Remote Push Button and Hotkey Commands enable switching between hosts; Remote push button has a 1.5m cable for ideal placement in the setup; Downloadable software allows listening to audio from one computer, while controlling the other
  • COMPATIBILITY: 2-Port KVM Switch works with any operating system including Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS; Compatible with all hardware platforms such as Intel, AMD, and Apple M1/M2 devices (MacBook/Mac Mini); Works with USB-C, USB4, Thunderbolt 3/4
  • OUR ADVANTAGE: Included connectivity tools for IT Pro's and IT help-desk support teams with USB Event Monitoring for logging USB device connections with timestamps, and Windows Layout to restore windows locations upon switching hosts

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