Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

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Product Description
The 'go-everywhere' single-finger featherweight and rugged ring scanner

Ring scanners can provide your workforce with the hands-free scanning they need to maximize productivity. But today's workers have high expectations for wearable devices. They expect a modern design with a minimal footprint for maximum comfort, ease-of-use that's so intuitive that virtually no training is required, plus point-and-shoot scanning simplicity on every barcode. Your business requires a flexible design that's just as at home in customer-facing areas as the warehouse, a rugged design to ensure a long lifecycle with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), scanning options that match the needs of your environment, plus backroom accessories that reduce management time and cost. Now, you can have it all with the RS5100. A comfortable, featherlight-yet-rugged industrial design at home anywhere in your facility. Zebra's advanced scan engines for unmatched scanning performance. And features that drive ease-of-use and manageability to a new level.

Superior ergonomics, ease-of-use and application flexibility

Tiny size and extreme comfort

The small, light, low-profile RS5100 is purposefully understated at just over two ounces and two cubic inches - practically weightless for all day comfort.

Flexible hands-free scanning with many wearing styles

With Bluetooth, there's no cable for workers to manage - and handheld host devices can even remain in a holster. Workers can choose their preferred wearing style - on the right or left hand on either a finger or the back of hand, or on a lanyard.

LEDs lead the way to the most efficient path

Multiple LEDs on the back of the RS5100 can blink to indicate whether workers should turn left or right, or continue straight ahead.

Prevent the spread of germs with personal trigger assemblies

Since the trigger assembly is the only part of the RS5100 that touches skin, we created a modular two-piece design that separates the trigger assembly from the scanner body, providing the option to give each worker their own trigger.

Unmatched versatility and flexibility

Use on practically any Bluetooth-enabled device

Pair the RS5100 with virtually any Zebra enterprise-class mobile device to unlock the full feature set. With Class 1 Bluetooth support, you can roam up to 300 feet/91.44 m from the host device, ideal when paired to vehicle mount computers or a dongle in a laptop or other device.

Just tap for instant pairing

With NFC, workers can simply tap the RS5100 on NFC-enabled Zebra devices, such as the WT6000 wearable computer and the TC52 handheld mobile computer. No need to scan a pairing barcode or open Bluetooth settings to identify and select the device.

  • Increases productivity by giving the opportunity to wander, without the tangle of cables
  • Laser-free design provides high-performance scanning without the risk of eye injury
  • Bluetooth technology - Allows compatibility with most of your smart devices

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