Viewsonic VSR100 - WiMedia Adapter for LCD Monitor-Projector-Notebook -

Viewsonic VSR100 - WiMedia Adapter for LCD Monitor-Projector-Notebook

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Product Description

The ViewSonic VSR100 is a powerful and compact wireless presentation dongle with an HDMI interface, allowing users to cast 4K content onto monitors or projectors from laptops or mobile devices. With the app, the VSR100 gains smart features such as a real-time video feed and handy annotation tools. It also allows four-way split screen collaboration and access to personal cloud storage.

4K content Wi-Fi transmission

Broadcasting your 4K content wirelessly is easy via the casting app.

Powerful processing performance

The powerful CPU and 1GB DDR3 memory deliver a powerful performance.

Multi-screen broadcasting across devices

In a dynamic meeting, it allows a host to easily authorise wireless connectivity for up to eight users' devices. Four presenters' content can also be simultaneously shown on a quad split-screen projection.

Live camera and drawing support

Users can cast live streaming video straight from a device's camera to a large display while taking notes in real-time for a more detailed explanation.

  • Just connect this wimedia adapter to any HDMI port and wirelessly broadcast your smartphone, tablet, or laptop onto any HDMI display
  • Add wireless connectivity to a computer without the hassle of internal installation with this external adapter

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