ViewSonic 216" All-in-One Direct View LED Display

ViewSonic 216" All-in-One Direct View LED Display

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Product Description

The ViewSonic LDM216-251 is an innovative 216" All-in-One Direct View LED display that complements the design of high-end, enterprise conference rooms and lobbies. With a 120% Rec. 709 wide color gamut, millions of mounted tiny LEDs for direct image production, and an ultra-slim 35 mm thickness & bezel-free seamless design, the LDM216-251 offers greater color, brightness, and contrast performance, giving viewers a magnificent visual impact, whether hanging on the wall or aluminum alloy floor stand. The All-in-One large screen display boasts easy delivery, installation, and maintenance with a front-assembly modular design. The built-in screen-sharing software enables multiple meeting presenters to cast out content wirelessly, whether using laptops, phones, or tablets. Compatible with AV control systems, the ViewSonic® LDM216-251 enables IT personnel to remotely set up and configure.

All-in-One Design without Complicated Setup

Free yourself from a complicated setup of power supplies, control systems, stitching machines, etc. - all you need to do is turn on the display.

All-in-One Design without Complicated Setup

Free yourself from a complicated setup of power supplies, control systems, stitching machines, etc. - all you need to do is turn on the display.

120% Rec. 709 Wide Color Gamut

ViewSonic's proprietary Cinema SuperColor+ Technology features an exclusive wider color gamut that delivers lifelike colors. An ultra-fast 3,840 Hz refresh rate, 1.8 mm fine pixel pitch, slim profile, and greater contrast ratio also help to deliver smooth, stunning images.

Wireless Content Sharing Solution across Devices

The pre-installed ViewBoard® Cast enables content to be streamed from mobile devices onto the display over wireless or wired networks, whether one-to-one, or many-to-one.

Multitasking with Embedded System & Wi-Fi

With built-in OS and 2.4G/5G Hz Wi-Fi, users can easily work in a familiar PC environment for app installation, web browsing, multimedia play, wireless device connection, etc.

Front-Facing Presentation Solution with ViewSonic Touch Displays

When combined with ViewSonic touch displays*, it allows the presenter to face the audience while annotating on slides - all done without turning their back to the audience. Not only that, it allows the presenter to be in full control of the presentation, creating interaction and eye contact with the audience for total engagement.*ViewBoard, touch monitors, and ViewBoard mini

Modular Design for Easy Installation 2 people, 2 hours

Composed of eight cabinets and multiple LED modules. When installed, each individual module auto-configures and calibrates its location and setting values within the display.

Full Front Maintenance Electric vacuum suction tool

Instead of moving an entire set of displays around for maintenance, the hot-swappable front LED modules allow users to change any defective piece. With the electric vacuum suction tool, even an ordinary person can complete the exchange.

Reliable Operation 24/7

Featuring a long lifespan, this professional-grade commercial display is designed for reliable use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AV Control System Compatible

This display is Crestron, Extron, AMX and myViewBoard Manager compatible, providing easy and efficient management of multiple-display configurations from a PC via LAN connectivity.

  • Impressively large, yet seamless view
  • All-in-One design without complicated setup
  • Easy delivery, installation, and maintenance
  • Engaging front-facing presentation solution
  • Flexible wireless content sharing solution

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