Veritas NetBackup 5340HA SAN Storage System

Veritas NetBackup 5340HA SAN Storage System

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Product Description
Veritas NetBackup™ 5340 delivers high performance, scalable capacity, high availability and resiliency to address the most aggressive backup and recovery objectives in the data center while protecting both virtual and physical environments. Built on industry leading NetBackup software, the NetBackup 5340 Appliance is an integrated media server with storage and offers both client and target deduplication to reduce network bandwidth and storage capacity requirements. As an integrated backup appliance, it addresses the OpEx and CapEx challenges organizations face today while preparing to modernizefor the future.
The NetBackup 5340 is offered in a High Availability (HA) configuration. The HA configuration increases system reliability, provides higher backup and recovery throughput as well as higher operational availability at significantly lower operational costs.
  • SAN Storage System is the single answer to all your desired storage needs
  • Through RAID levels (6, 10), RAID provides data reliability, fault tolerance and improves overall performance
  • Experience unmatched performance, built-in security and remote management capabilities with Intel Xeon 2 ghz processor
  • RAID technology - data reliability, fault tolerance and improved overall performance
  • Rack-mountable san storage system allows maximum space utilization with easy and convenient access to the keyboard
  • Gigabit Ethernet is very resourceful when a large number of file transfers are required, such as when performing backups over a network
  • It's linux operating system offers powerful platform to efficiently run routine applications

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