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Urban Factory Privacy Screen Filter

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Product Description
Thanks to this filter, only the person in front of the screen can see the data displayed. The technology used allows to darken the pictures and text on
the screen, avoiding visibility to neighbors. The non-vision angle is 30°. Protects your LCD screen from scratches and fingerprints. Reduces glare for a
better sight comfort. Enhances contrasts. Insures clear and not deformed picture. Anti radiation model, blocking up to 99% of the radiations ELF/VLF
e-field, antistatic. Anti-glare norm: AOA.
  • Builds an additional layer of shield from everyday scratches and dust
  • With its exceptional design feature, Privacy Screen Filter can be utilized perfectly with 19" Monitor
  • 5:4 Privacy Screen Filter - Intended for non-widescreen Monitor, which seems more squarical than rectangular

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