Tripp Lite USB-A Port Blockers with Reuseable Key, Red 4-Pack

Tripp Lite USB-A Port Blockers with Reuseable Key, Red 4-Pack

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Product Description

Secure USB Port Blockers Protect Your Data Against Unauthorized Access

These port blockers are an easy way to prevent unapproved personnel from connecting an unwanted flash drive or other USB peripheral to a USB-A port. Use the included security key to insert a blocker into the USB port and lock it into place. This will prevent any USB peripheral from infecting the device with malware or removing classified data. The key also removes the blocker just as easily and quickly as it installs the blocker. Four blockers are included, three of which conveniently store inside a compartment on the key. The key and blockers can only be used together for maximum security.

  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Portable pocket-sized key and blockers are compatible with all USB-A ports
  • Blockers and key must be used together for security purposes
  • Includes 4 blockers-3 store conveniently inside the key for safekeeping
  • Can only be locked and unlocked with included security key to ensure protection
  • Port blockers help prevent unwanted thumb drives and other devices from connecting

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