Tripp Lite UPS 3-Phase Smart Online 100kVA/kW 480V Isolation Transformers

Tripp Lite UPS 3-Phase Smart Online 100kVA/kW 480V Isolation Transformers

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Product Description

Get Complete Step-Down/Step-Up and Isolation Protection

Tripp Lite's S3MT-100KWR480V includes two transformers in a single cabinet: a 480V (Delta) to 208V (Wye) input isolation step-down transformer and a 208V (Wye) to 480V (Wye) output auto step-up transformer. It isolates the UPS and connected components from line surges and spikes caused by utility power disruptions that can damage equipment or corrupt data. The dual transformers are ideal for 4-wire (3Ph+N+PE) loads in government, manufacturing, healthcare and corporate settings with 480V electrical mains and 480V IT loads.

Performs with High Efficiency up to 97.8%

Not only is the S3MT-100KWR480V wrap-around transformer very efficient, with up to 97.8 percent efficiency, but it is also very quiet with a noise profile less than 65 dBA. Built-in circuit breakers on both transformers help prevent dangerous power overloads. Eight ball-bearing cooling fans help prevent overheating. An overheat-sensing relay and switch combine with red alarm indicators to provide over-temperature warning and overheating protection.

Small Footprint for Quick Installation in a Compact Space

The compact footprint enables installation of the S3MT-100KWR480V with minimal space. The rugged stainless steel housing ships ready for immediate tower installation with a compatible 80-100kVA/kW Tripp Lite S3M-Series 3-phase UPS system.

  • Dual 100kVA/kW 480V transformers for government, healthcare and corporate settings
  • Up to 97.8% efficiency with a quiet acoustic profile less than 65 dBA
  • Resettable protection relay/switch and red alarm indicators warn against overheating
  • Rugged stainless steel housing with compact footprint comes ready for installation
  • Compatible with select 80-100kVA/kW Tripp Lite S3M-Series 208V 3-phase UPS systems
  • 2-year limited warranty

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