Tripp Lite Fiber Optic Cable 40/100/400G Singlemode 9/125 OS2 Fiber Cable, Yellow, 5 m (16.4 ft.)

Tripp Lite Fiber Optic Cable 40/100/400G Singlemode 9/125 OS2 Fiber Cable, Yellow, 5 m (16.4 ft.)

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Product Description

40/100/400 GbE Cable Supports High Bandwidths for High-Density Data Networking
The N383L-05M is a premium singlemode fiber optic cable that supports 400 Gb Ethernet speeds for transmitting data and voice signals. Its high bandwidth is ideal for hyperscale, edge, enterprise and colocation data center interconnect (DCI) applications where density and speed are both very important. This OS2 cable is also backward compatible with 40 Gb and 100 Gb networks, so you can future-proof your current application for an eventual upgrade to 400 Gb.

Compact SN Connector Designed for the Latest OSFP/QSFP-DD Transceivers
One cable end features an SN connector, which is four times smaller than the standard duplex LC connector on the other end. The SN connector provides individual and independent duplex fiber support for an OSFP/QSFP-DD transceiver. The push/pull boot encourages dense vertical stacking within a crowded patch panel or switch and makes the cable easy to install or remove with just one hand. The switchable SN/UPC duplex end lets you make quick polarity changes in the field without tools or the need to re-terminate the connectors.

Yellow-Colored Jacket Helps Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime
The OS2-rated cable has a yellow jacket to identify it as singlemode in a crowded patch panel or switch and prevent it from becoming accidentally disconnected. The round low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) jacket limits the amount of toxic smoke emitted in case of combustion, making it suitable for poorly ventilated areas.

  • Yellow LSZH jacket allows fast, easy identification in a crowded switch or patch panel
  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Backward compatible with 40/100 Gb networks to facilitate future-proofing
  • Switchable SN connector allows polarity conversion without tools or re-termination
  • Space-saving SN plug is 4x smaller than duplex LC for easier cable management
  • Duplex SN connector optimized for the latest 400 Gb OSFP/QSFP-DD transceivers

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