Tripp Lite Ethernet Cable M12 XCode Cat6 1G UTP Right-Angle M12 RJ45 M/M 3M

Tripp Lite Ethernet Cable M12 XCode Cat6 1G UTP Right-Angle M12 RJ45 M/M 3M

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Product Description

Cat6 M12 Cable Recommended for Industrial and Other Environments
This M12 X-Code cable connects Gigabit Ethernet networks in wet/humid environments, places subject to vibration and other areas where protection from harsh elements is essential, such as factories, warehouses, recycling plants, airports, railways and machine shops. The circular M12 connector with 12-millimeter locking thread is especially designed for washdown and corrosive applications, including agriculture, alternative energy, communications, factory automation, measurement and control, robotics, transportation and food/beverage facilities.

IP68 Rating Denotes Resistance to Dust and Water
The IP68 rating means the M12 connector end is not only 100% protected against dust, but also able to endure immersion in 1.5 meters of water for up to 60 minutes with no damage or decline in performance.

Supports Power over Ethernet to Save You Money and Give You More Installation Choices
Because this Cat6 cable supports high-power 60W PoE, it can supply the power to operate compatible data, voice, security and audio/video PoE devices, such as surveillance cameras, VoIP telephones and access control devices. This saves you the expense and effort of purchasing, connecting and installing individual power supplies for each device, as well as installing separate power and data cables. It also helps you install PoE devices in areas far away from AC outlets, such as poles or ceilings.

CMR-LP Certified for Cable Installations with Increased Power Levels
UL's Limited Power (LP) certification indicates the NM12-604-03M-BL has been evaluated to handle the marked current under installation scenarios without exceeding the temperature rating of the cable. This CMR-LP-certified cable provides a simple way to prepare installations for increased power levels without having to worry about susceptible issues caused by excessive heat.

Right-Angle Plug Makes Connecting in Tight Spaces Easier
The M12 connector is designed at a space-saving right angle, making it easy to install in confined spaces, such as a crowded equipment rack or a network device located flush against a wall. The right-angle construction also relieves strain on the cable and connector and prevents the cable from bending awkwardly.

Colored Blue to Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime
This Cat6 UTP copper cable features a blue PVC jacket that allows easy, fast identification in field devices, controllers and switches and helps prevent the cable from becoming inadvertently disconnected.

  • Designed to withstand vibration, moisture and extreme temperatures in industrial and harsh environments
  • M12 Connector end IP68-rated to resist dust and endure immersion in 1.5 m of water up to 60 min.
  • Supports 60W PoE to save you expense and effort of powering PoE devices individually
  • UL CMR-LP certified to meet high-temperature safety standards in PoE applications
  • Right-angle M12 end relieves cable strain and allows easy connection in tight spaces

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