Tripp Lite Cat6 Gigabit Snagless Molded UTP Ethernet Cable (RJ45 M/M), PoE, LSZH, Blue,3.5m

Tripp Lite Cat6 Gigabit Snagless Molded UTP Ethernet Cable (RJ45 M/M), PoE, LSZH, Blue,3.5m

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Product Description

Cat6 Cable Ideal for Your High-Density Gigabit Ethernet Network

This Cat6 1G Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors is recommended for connecting network components like printers, computers, copiers, routers, servers, modems, hubs and switches in high-density data centers and network closets. Designed for fast transmission and excellent signal quality, the N201L-3P5M-BL ensures peak performance throughout your LAN.

Supports Power over Ethernet to Save You Money and Give You More Installation Choices

Because this Cat6 cable supports PoE, it can supply the power to operate compatible PoE devices, such as security cameras, VoIP telephones, point-of-sale kiosks and access control devices. This saves you the expense and effort of purchasing, connecting and installing individual power supplies for each device. It also helps you install PoE devices in areas far away from AC outlets, such as poles or ceilings.

Snagless RJ45 Male Connectors Add Extra Protection During Installation

The RJ45 connectors' snagless design protects the locking tabs from being damaged or broken off during installation. Integral strain relief gives the N201L-3P5M-BL extra flexibility, reduces stress and helps the cable move freely without cracking or breaking loose from the connector.

Blue Jacket Helps Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime

The cable has a blue LSZH (low-smoke zero-halogen, ideal in poorly ventilated environments) jacket, which is easy to identify quickly in a crowded patch panel or switch and helps prevent the cable from becoming accidentally disconnected.

  • Cat6 UTP Ethernet cable rated for high-speed 1 Gbps communications
  • Allows installation of PoE devices in hard-to-reach areas or away from AC outlets
  • LSZH jacket helps make the cable suitable for poorly ventilated areas
  • Snagless RJ45 connectors prevent tabs from being damaged during installation
  • Blue jacket permits fast, easy identification in a crowded switch or patch panel
  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

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