Tripp Lite 60kVA Smart Online 3-Phase UPS 400-230V Medium Frame 5 Batteries ->  -> May Require Up to 5 Business Days to Ship -> May Require up to 5 Business Days to Ship -

Tripp Lite 60kVA Smart Online 3-Phase UPS 400-230V Medium Frame 5 Batteries -> May Require up to 5 Business Days to Ship

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Product Description

Tripp Lite's SVX60KM2P5B 60kVA/60kW SmartOnline® Medium-Frame UPS includes installed input, bypass and output breakers, a static transfer switch (STS) and 2 included 30kVA SVX30PM power modules. This system supports the addition of up to 2 additional user-installable SVX30PM power modules to accommodate increased capacity up to 90kW with N+1 fault-tolerance. Five internal battery modules are included to fully load internal battery compartments. Additional runtime is available using any number of compatible ±240VDC external battery packs (sold separately).

Featuring a modular, scalable design with high-efficiency voltage and frequency independent/VFI operation, Tripp Lite's SVX Series SmartOnline UPS systems are ideal for the protection of a wide variety of critical IT systems. Scalable, modular configuration enables UPS capacity upgrades and hot-swap power supply maintenance without costly downtime. Over 95% efficient in standard online mode and over 99% efficient in optional economy mode enables reduced operating and cooling costs. Unity power factor configuration provides equal kVA and kW output ratings for up to 25% more wattage capacity than common 0.8 - 0.9 power factor competing designs. Network-grade sine-wave AC output with 1% output voltage regulation and less than 1.5% output total harmonic distortion. Advanced IGBT inverter with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology provides for less than 3% input total harmonic distortion (THDi) to support 1:1 generator sizing. Dual-input hardwire design enables operation from one or two input power sources for enhanced system availability. N+1 fault-tolerance is configurable anytime there is an "extra" SVX30PM 30kW power module installed beyond the minimum required quantity. Automatic and manual bypass options keep connected equipment operational during routine maintenance or critical power module failure.


  • Tripp Lite's SVX60KM2P5B 60kVA/60kW SmartOnline UPS offers network-grade power protection in a highly configurable medium-frame modular, scalable form factor
  • Includes 2 SVX30PM 30kW power modules for 60kW total capacity; Open slots for up to 2 additional SVX30PM 30kW power modules enable scalable capacity configurations up to 90kW with enhanced N+1 redundancy
  • Included batteries support a full load of 60kW for 7 minutes and half load of 30kW for 17 minutes; Extended runtime is available with the addition of any number of supported external battery packs (sold separately)
  • Supports 220/380, 230/400 or 240/415V AC, 3-Phase Wye 4-Wire plus Earth Hardwire input and output wiring
  • Tested to CE for worldwide applications
  • Pre-installed WEBCARDLX network interface
  • Serial port enables unattended shutdown and UPS monitoring ability
  • Modular configuration with hot-swappable power modules enables easy and fast maintenance with zero downtime
  • Wide input voltage operating range enables full continuous online operation during brownouts as low as 120V (Ph-N) and overvoltages up to 276 (Ph-N)
  • Narrow output voltage operating range regulates output voltage within 1% of the selected 220/230/240 nominal output voltage in online, double-conversion mode
  • Over 95% efficient in online, double-conversion mode and over 99% efficient in optional economy-mode enables reduced operating and cooling costs
  • Less than 3% input Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) prevents the need to oversize generator systems relative to UPS capacity
  • Dual hardwire input design enables operation from one or two input power sources
  • Front panel combination LCD/LED display offers full UPS condition and status reporting plus additional configuration options

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