Transition Networks Mini M-E-PSW-FX-02(SC) Media Converter

Transition Networks Mini M-E-PSW-FX-02(SC) Media Converter

  • $ 120.99

Product Description

Connect Legacy Networking Equipment

Connect an existing 10 Mbps device to 100 Mbps devices.

Eliminate Collision Domains

Separate Collision Domains while linking two half-duplex hubs with a collision free full duplex connection over fiber.

The Mini Media Converters provide a cost-effective method for integrating fiber optic cabling into a 10/100 UTP environment. With its miniature size, the Mini offers a space saving alternative while it converts copper to fiber with the smallest footprint available in the industry.

  • Attach multiple devices together or expand the number of devices connected to your existing network by using 2 transceiver/media converter
  • Supports optical fiber cable to span longer distances and provides data transmission rates par excellence between networks and different devices
  • With 10/100Base-TX technology get up to 100Mbps data transfer rate over optical fiber cable
  • Rackmountable feature for convenient and safe installation of device

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