Transition Networks M-GE-xSW-SFP-01-xx-UxX Transceiver-Media Converter

Transition Networks M-GE-xSW-SFP-01-xx-UxX Transceiver-Media Converter

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Product Description
Unidirectional communication is often used to safeguard information in secure environments such as government agencies and military networks. A Unidirectional device, sometimes referred to as a unidirectional security gateway or a data diode, provides a connection between two or more networks with different security classifications and helps to protect assets by ensuring information is directed only to, or from, the appropriate network as designated by the directional device.

Unidirectional media converters combine this one-way communications with the benefits of a copper to fiber media converter. Media converters are a cost-effective, plug-and-play device that allows fiber optic cabling to be connected to copper-based networking equipment. The deployment of fiber adds a layer of security to networks as it is difficult to tap into fiber and go undetected. If threats are attacking a network, the fiber links go down and network administrators are made aware of the problem, providing them the opportunity to address a potential breach of security.

Adding unidirectional technology to a media converter creates a physically secure one-way communication channel over fiber between a secure network and an unsecure network. These devices can be used to allow data from a classified, high-security area to be transmitted to a low-security area, while preventing unsecure data from re-entering the classified network. An alternate application allows a secure network to be updated with data from an external source while ensuring its critical data is unable to leave the classified area.
  • Unidirectional data transmissions over fiber to, or from, secure networks
  • Simplex communications only requires one strand of fiber cable
  • Applications require a transmit-only converter to be paired with a receive-only converter
  • Converters support dual speed 100/1000Mbps SFP modules offering great flexibility to meet network requirements
  • Converters use duplex SFP modules but the transmitting converter only uses the TX port on the SFP, while the RX port is deactivated. Likewise the receiving converter only uses the RX port, while the TX port is deactivated
  • Unit and port LEDs allow for quick status information
  • Auto-Negotiation on the 10/100/1000 copper port
  • Auto-MDI/MDIX configuration
  • Jumbo Frame Support

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