TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip

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Product Description

The Brightest Bulbs

Our LED beads are 20% brighter than anyone else. They are built to last for over five and a half years of constant use, more than twice as long as our competitors.

Colour Your LifeFull-colour ambience for every occasion

Fill any room of your house with over 16 million vibrant colours, warm white, or cool daylight to choose from as the mood takes you.

Once you work out how you want your lighting set up, save it, schedule it, and you're ready to go! Set for your times and you can enjoy it.

Colour Your Digital Life

Automate the individual strips with different colours, timers, brightnesses and warmth. Control them anywhere and anytime within the Tapo app.

Bounce to the music and the lights

Let your music overtake you as the lights reflect your mood. Pick up sound through your mobile device and set up the perfect party atmosphere. The lights will sync to the frequency and the beat, creating a mini-festival in your own home

The Sync-to-Sound function will be released later in 2021.

Control With Your Voice

The Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip reacts to your preferred smart home platforms, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home.

Direct Control

All Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Strips let you connect directly to the Tapo App. Take full advantage of all the intelligent features you demand.

Automatic Control

Let the light strip guide you through the night. Connect to the Tapo Sensor* and glow softly as you get up in the night. It will turn itself off after a short period of time without disturbing others.

Tapo Sensor sold separately, the connectivity to Tapo Sensor will be released later in 2021.

Tactical Control

Use the Controller Box to manipulate the Light Strip. Turn it on or off, reset the Light Strip, and change the current colours.

Family-Centric Lighting

Tapo ensures that your family lives a safe and secure life with our electrical products. Highly durable light strip designed for better heat dissipation, increased toughness and more folds than any other LED light strip. Each LED bead operates independently of the next, ensuring safe use under all circumstances. Our lights are designed with a low voltage that does not flicker or emit blue light. Your family can be comfortable living safely with our lights.

Set the Length. Stick in Place

Cut to length - fit for purpose

Ultimate flexibility and highly durable, infinite options for placement

3M Peel-and-Stick adhesive provides highly flexible installation

More from the Manufacturer

  • Sync to Sound: Pick up sound through your mobile device and set up the perfect party atmosphere. The lights will sync to the frequency and the beat, creating a mini festival in your own home.
  • High Brightness & Saturation: The 16.4ft. smart LED strip lighting features customization up to 16 million colors with 2100mcd high brightness & saturation for the best lighting throughout your home.
  • Animated Lighting Effects: The Tapo smart wireless light strip features advanced animated lighting effects, with many different preset effects to choose from. Or create your own preferred lighting effect. A unique lighting experience for your TV, gaming rig, parties, or general ambiance.
  • Complete Control: You can control your LED light strips from anywhere with the Tapo App or with your voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Control the brightness, change colors, set schedules, set timers, activate away mode, and so much more.
  • Adjustable Length: You have the flexibility to bend and cut the strip to fit your needs. Allows you to place the strip lighting where you wish with the included 3M adhesive backing. *Once cut, the detached portion cannot be re-attached and will not light.)

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