Vertical Cable Organizer with D-Ring Hooks - Vertical Cable Management Panel - 0U - 2.8ft. Vertical Cable Organizer with D-Ring Hooks - Vertical Cable Management Panel - 0U - 2.8ft.

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Product Description

This 3-footvertical cable manager gives you a simple and space-efficient way to organize the cables in your server rack. You can attach thecable manager vertically into your rack, to neatly guide cables between equipment that's mounted at different heights.

The 0U cable manager offers versatile installation options and is compatible with most racks that are 20U or larger. The panelfeatures a 0U design that doesn't take up any mounting space, and with simple tool-less installation it'seasy to attach or reposition as necessary.

Improve the appearance and accessibility of yourrack

The cable manager uses a D-ring method of cable management torun cablesvertically along the side of your rack, neatly guiding thembetween equipmentthat'smounted at different heights. This provides a tidy and well-organized way to run cables from devices mounted toward the bottom of your rack to other devices mounted near the top, without leaving a mess of cables hanging in between.

Having neatly organized and routed cablesnot only improves the appearance and accessibility of your rack, it also makesit easier for you to install, access and maintainrackcomponents.

Hassle-freecompatibilitywith yourrack

For maximum compatibility with virtually any server rack, you can install the cable-management panels usingmounting holesthat are commonly found on most rack equipment. The tool-less mountingmethodattaches the cable management panelto the keyhole-shaped mounting holes that arebuilt into your rack.

The horizontal mounting railmethodattaches the cable management panel to the horizontal mounting rails that run along the side of your rack.

For racks that don't support these installation methods, you can also mount the cable management panels through other means,such as using the non-standardized holes foundon your rack walls and enclosures, orthe rack units on equipment mounting rails.

Protect your equipment

Routing your cables through a panel reduces the tension that's often put on cables. This prevents cable damage or connection loss, and reduces strain on equipment ports, preventing damage to your expensive rack-mount devices.

Properly routing cables alsoimprovesairflow, which passively cools devices stored in your rack, helping to keep your equipment running at optimal temperatures to reduce the probability of damage caused by your rack overheating.

The CMVER20UDis backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

More from the Manufacturer

  • 2.8ft (20U) in height
  • Make your rack more accessible by organizing your cables for hassle-free maintenance and scalability
  • Promote passive cooling in your rack by organizing cables to improve airflow
  • Improve the appearance of your rack using a vertical cable manager with D-ring hooks

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