Secure Charging USB Data Blocker Adapter, Male/Female USB-A Data Blocking Charge/Power-Only Charging Adapter for Phone/Tablet Secure Charging USB Data Blocker Adapter, Male/Female USB-A Data Blocking Charge/Power-Only Charging Adapter for Phone/Tablet

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Product Description
This USB-A male to USB-A female Data Blocker adapter lets you securely charge your device by establishing a power-only connection between your device and the host system or power source. Equipped with no-data USB-A male connector with a unique cut-away design, this secure adapter prevents malware attacks and data thefts, and provides a safe way to charge your mobile devices.

Power-Only USB-A to A Adapter

The USB-A male port of this adapter does not have physical data pins, resulting in an adapter with physical barrier for data transmission. This adapter allows you to charge your mobile devices from a laptop or desktop computer while eliminating any possibility of

  • Data theft from the host computer
  • Data corruption on the host computer
  • Infection from spyware/malware or viruses being transmitted from the mobile device to the host network

Handy Adapter for Everyday Use

Portable 1.3""L x 0.7""W x 0.4""H adapter fits into your pocket or laptop bag, and lets you safely charge your smart phones, tablets, headphones, cameras, etc. in public charging stations/ports in airports, hotels and restaurants. Absence of data lines also makes this adapter safe to use in government, defense, corporate and educational environments, where connecting your mobile device may be prohibited.

Smart, Powerful and Versatile Cable

High throughput adapter delivers 5V up to 2.4A (12W max.). Smart on-board chip identifies the device's power requirements and adjusts the output accordingly. Use your existing USB-A to C, Lightning, micro-B cables to charge your appropriate devices from all USB-A power outlets - from host computers to wall chargers.

Robust and Reliable Construction

The adapter's mold is made from tough TPE plastic that offers high resilience to fraying and scratches, making it ideal for everyday rough use. Aluminium-Mylar foil shielding provides noise-free DC power to your device.

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More from the Manufacturer

  • USB-A DATA BLOCKER ADAPTER: Charge-Only design without data pins provides physical data blocking, prevents data theft/corruption and leak prevention while stopping spyware/malware attacks on smartphones, tablets & battery powered mobile devices
  • SECURE CHARGING ADAPTER: Tiny pocket sized adapter is easy to carry, charge devices anywhere using your data blocking charger cable adapter, Ideal for high-security use in public, corporate, defence & educational environments
  • VERSATILE ADAPTER: The USB Data Protector delivers 5V at 2.4A (12W max) & works with all USB-A cables and hosts so you can use your existing USB-A to C/Lightning/Micro-USB cable to charge your devices
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Durable and Rugged enclosure built for portability and on the go use with public charging ports in airports, shopping malls & hotels, Recommended cables: RUSBLTMM1MB(Lightning), RUSB2AC1MB(USB-C)
  • SPECS: Dimensions: 1.3"L x 0.7"W x 0.4"H
  • USB-A female to male adapter
  • Throughput: 5V, 2.4A (12W max)
  • Rugged TPE Shell
  • Unique cut-away design shows secure power-only lines
  • Backed by for lifetime

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