HDMI over IP Extender with Video Compression - HDMI over CAT6 Extender - 1080p HDMI over IP Extender with Video Compression - HDMI over CAT6 Extender - 1080p

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Product Description

ExtendandcontrolHDMI videooveryour existingLANtocreateastate-of-the-artnetworkofvideodisplaysin a variety ofenvironmentswhere digital signage is required.

Ideal for Universities, Offices, and Restaurants

Reliably Extend Compressed HDMI VideowithBandwidth Efficiency

This extender uses advanced compression to distribute high-qualityHDMI videoover yournetwork, with minimal bandwidth requirements.

With advanced compression technology, broadcasting your video signal requires only 6 - 12 Mbpsof local area network bandwidth, when in operation for each kit.

Flexible & ScalableDeployment Options

TheHDMI over LANextenderoffers many configurations to accommodate your set up.

This HDMI video extender provides four ways to control your video network configurations.

  • Rotary DIP switches located on the Tx and Rx
  • Your computer connected to the transmitter or receiver via a serial cable
  • Over IP using any device equipped with a browser on the same local area network(i.e. tablet, laptop, smartphone)
  • Infrared (IR)remote control using the includedreceiver

ComprehensiveProduct Testing&ExpertTechnical Support

StarTech.comconducts thoroughcompatibility and performancetestingonallour productstoensure we are meeting orexceeding industry standardsand providinghigh-quality products to our customers. OurlocalStarTech.comTechnicalAdvisorshave broad product expertiseandwork directly with StarTech.comEngineers toprovide support for our customersboth pre and post-sales.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Efficiently distribute video throughout your site using your local area network
  • Easily create your ideal digital signage with a versatile and scalable video distribution system
  • Deliver brilliant HD quality video with 1080p support

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