2X2 HDMI Matrix Switch w/ Automatic and Priority Switching - 1080p 2X2 HDMI Matrix Switch w/ Automatic and Priority Switching - 1080p

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Product Description

Save time and hassle by automatically switching between your HDMI audio/video sources, using the VS222HDQ 2X2 HDMI Matrix Switcher.This easy-to-use HDMI Matrix switch ensures seamless transition while switching video and display sources, with EDID copymaintaining your video resolution.

Seamless Signal Selection

Ensure seamless transition while switching video sources, with EDID copymaintaining native resolution with support for 1080p. Video connection emulation ensures the settings on any connected computers are not disrupted while switching to a different video source.

Effortless Control

Save time by connecting two HDMI video source devices to two independent HDMI displays instead of manually connecting individual cables. Mounting hardware is also included for a tidy, professional installation.

Versatile Switching Options

Enjoy hassle-free operation with four different switching modes:

Automatic port selection: Enables your most recently activated video source to be displayed automatically.

Priority port selection:Prioritizes input number two above input number one. If the video source connected to input number two is activated that source will be displayed.

Matrix port selection:Independently switch two displays between two video sources.

Manual port selection:Enables you to manually select your HDMI source with easy-to-use front panel buttons.

This product is TAA compliant and backed by a 2 warranty with lifetime technical support

More from the Manufacturer

  • Auto switching
  • Priority switching
  • Built-in manual control console
  • 2x2 Matrix switching
  • EDID emulation
  • Video connection emulation
  • Support for video resolution up to 1080p
  • Mounting hardware included

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