15 ft High Res 90 Degree Down Angled VGA Cable 15 ft High Res 90 Degree Down Angled VGA Cable

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Product Description

This 15ft High Resolution Video VGA Cable (90 degree) is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through a VGA connection and is specifically constructed to accommodate tight installation spaces._x000D_
The high quality, shielded coax VGA cable features a 90 degree down-angled plug, which requires only 32.4mm (1.27") of space to make the video connection._x000D_
More than suitable for high-res VGA applications (1280x1024 resolution and above), the 90 degree VGA cable eliminates picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images that are common with non-coaxial cables, and provides superior EMI interference protection using ferrite cores near the connector ends.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Triple-coaxial + twisted-pair wire construction
  • Impedance matched at 75 Ohms
  • Molded connector ends with strain relief
  • Ferrite core to preserve signal integrity
  • Ideal for high resolution monitors (1280x1024 and above)
  • 90? downward-angled connector with a 32.4mm depth

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