Raritan USB/USB-C Data Transfer Cable

Raritan USB/USB-C Data Transfer Cable

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Product Description

Dominion USB-C Virtual Media CIM for OS and absolute mouse synchronization. Single connection to the server's USB-C port. Compatible with the following KVM switches: KX III, LX II

  • Single USB-C Cable: Raritan new D2CIM-VUSB-USBC Computer Interface Module (CIM) consolidates USB Keyboard & Mouse, Video, and Peripheral USB device signals into a single USB-C connection to the target computer. Additionally, it is simple to adapt Digital (DVI, HDMI, DP) or Analog (VGA) source signals to USB-C using readily available USB-C video adapters.
  • USB-C Up to 150ft via Single CATx Cable: Raritan D2CIM-VUSB-USBC Computer Interface Module (CIM) extends access to your USB-C enabled computer from aDKX3 KVM Switch over a single CAT5/6 cable; The maximum resolution achievable is: 1920 x 1080 - up to 150 feet (50 meters)
  • Blazing-fast, High Definition Video Over USB-C: Raritans new enhanced digital D2CIM-VUSB-USBC CIM supports high definition standard USB-C video resolutions of up to 1920x1080, including widescreen formats.
  • USB Virtual Media: Raritan D2CIM-VUSB-USBC supports beaming of USB peripheral devices over IP - also known as "Virtual Media". This enables the use of memory sticks, external drives, mice, and web cameras with remote target servers.
  • Supports Desktop & Mobile Sources: Raritan D2CIM-VUSB-USBC enables support for controlling & switching between PCs, Servers, Phones, Tablets, and other USB-C based devices remotely over the internet. Raritans HTML KVM Client also allows acces & control of sources from a PC, phone, or tablet device.
  • Absolute Mouse Synchronization: The Absolute Mouse Synchronization feature in the D2CIM-VUSB-USBC allows for the use of absolute coordinates that are specified in the USB HID mouse specification instead of using 'mouse acceleration' on the target machine mouse drivers. This ensures the pointers are always synchronized.
  • DDC/E-EDID Display Emulation: DDC/E-EDID is supported by the digital CIMs with the "preferred timing mode" set by the Dominion KX III administrator. This is the preferred/native/default video resolution, called the "Display Native Resolution" on the KX GUI. The default resolution can be changed by the user on the Port Configuration Page for each port.
  • Compact 'Zero-U': Raritan CIMs are compact transmitters that fit in your palm, and take 0U of space in rack. These CIMs can simply be zip-tied or hang off the back of racks.
  • USB Powered: Raritan D2CIM-VUSB-USBC CIMs are automatically powered over the USB-C connector by the source computer. This eliminates a need for any separate power supply and makes setup simple.
  • Flash Updatable: Raritan CIMs can be Flash-upgraded with new firmware - ensuring Raritan CIMs are future proof - and allow you to set custom settings for each CIM level for non-standard operations.

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