Quantum LTO Ulltrium 3 Data Cartridge

Quantum LTO Ulltrium 3 Data Cartridge

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Product Information

Quantum's LTO-3 HH tape drive provides excellent performance while offering large capacity. Its simple half-height form factor and SCSI or SAS interface option allows easy installation and integration into your business. The LTO-3 HH tape drive is backward read and write compatible with LTO-2 media and backward read compatible with LTO-1 media. All with Quantum's advanced reliability features including:

  • SmartVerify™ virtually eliminates the need for a traditional verify pass during backup, reducing the backup window and increasing data integrity
  • FastSense™ matches tape drive speed to that of the host, optimizing performance and increasing reliability

  • LTO 3 tape technology delivers superior reliability, long life and offers up to 160MB/s compressed data transfer
  • Ideal for entry-level servers requiring 800 GB compressed storage capacity of data backup
  • 400 GB of native storage capacity - Simplest solution to keep vast databases and intensely large volumes of digital data
  • Manufacturer Part Number:MR-L3MQN-20
  • Product Name:LTO Ulltrium 3 Data Cartridge
  • Quantum Corporation
  • Storage Systems
  • Tape Media

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